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Film Festival | Marketing & Sales Representative - Volunteer

Film Festival | Marketing & Sales Representative - Volunteer

Company: CIFF | Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival
Contact Person: Rafael Kalamat & Jason Barbeck
161 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario , M5J 2S1
Phone: 647-885-3532
Position Description

The principal objective of the Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) is to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of Faith & Family Film & Arts. Our mandate is to present the most outstanding Christian Faith & Family films produced in every part of the world.  The Festival also promotes contacts between industry professionals to assist in the development of the Canadian motion picture & music industry. Our mandate is to provide our ministry through media.

The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) is a charitable not-for profit organization and is a division of A.C.T. Canada (Artists in Christian Testimony). Our mission is to showcase faith & family films.
We are well on our way to be an international leader in faith based film & music culture.
The festival runs in September; CIFF takes place at Innis College - University of Toronto which features two state of the art cinemas, world class cinema studies programs and learning facilities; The festival is taking place at a time of year where many events are taking place in the peek of summer. The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) runs at the same time, a great time to network! Toronto, Canada is one of the most economically prosperous metropolitan cities in the world. With a low Canadian dollar, tax intensives, a diverse cultural population with a major urban city backdrop, world class studio facilities makes Toronto a premiere destination for any film maker, producer or film enthusiast. Our organization anticipates to generate an annual economic impact of $1 million CAD in it's first year. CIFF is generously supported by contributors including Founding partners A.C.T. Canada and International, AFBS and it's founding members, Rafael Kalamat & Jason Barbeck.

The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival is strategically placing itself among the most growing segments of the international film festival markets and being the first of its kind in Canada. Film lovers, filmmakers, industry professionals and media will watch the best in new faith & family cinema from established film makers and new talent.

Position Description


A firm Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ
Able to adapt and dicipline to carry out a self motivated or given schedule
Understanding and able to adapt in marketing, social media, team management 
Demonstrate an understanding of marketing a brand, goals and our target Christian & secular market
Have an excellent written and oral skills
Ability to plug into various media, sponsors & donors
Ability to multitask and manage tasks efficiently
Raising funds
Be able to dedicate 10-20 hours a week (flexible work schedule, work from home and travel to locations within city)
Be self motivated and enthusiastic 
Learn marketing content
Generate leads
Volunteer during festival
Recruiting volenteers
Keep constantly updated on organizational events
Report progress to Festival Director on a weekly basis
Street Team promotion coordination and participation (ie: campus, congregation and events)
Ticket sale coordination and sales for movie screenings

Adavanced skills: preferred, however not required

• Create accountability for team members by holding weekly meetings to check in on the progress of sponsors, donors, marketing activities
• Work with the CIFF team on the development of advanced analytical models for donor segmentation and campaign analysis.
• Develop and execute strategies to increase donors supporting CIFF as supportors
• Develop and execute strategies to renew and increase support from donors in the $10 - $5,000 range, including personal solicitations.
• Develop and execute direct response strategies to identify donors who may wish to make a donation above $5000
• Work with the Festival Directors to create and execute leads for potential 'Official Sponsors' of the film festival

**Please submit your cover letter and resume for consideration. Thank you for your interest in the position. God Bless

Job type: Marketing & Sales Representative - Volunteer 

Required experience: preferred but not required


Ticket Admission to weekend CIFF Film Festival
Letter of Reference
Internship Reference
Volunteer hours for Canadian film industry experience 
Upon approval or availability of sponsors/donors, a possible job offer from CIFF
Commission Inscentives
Part Time & Full time commission based positions available upon evaluation period

Posted: August 9, 2017  |  Expires: December 31, 2017
Posted Under: Marketing/Sales
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