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Director of Children's Ministry (Part Time)

Director of Children's Ministry (Part Time)

Company: Starting Point Church
Contact Person: Mike Hauser
1996 Itabashi Way
Burlington, Ontario , L7M4J8
Phone: 9054071962
Position Description

Starting Point Church

Job Description Proposal for Director of Children’s Ministries



–Oversee all programming and ministry for children ages birth – 5th grade, including Sunday mornings, march break & summer day camps, & any other children’s related activities at special events that our staff/board decide to do.

–Maintain curriculum (purchased with provided children’s ministry budget, adapted curriculum from internet/book resources, or developed) for each program and each age level.

–Create environments, activities and programming for each age group that will capture the imagination and attention of our attendees, facilitate learning and encourage spiritual growth.

–Recruit, train, schedule and lead teams of volunteers. This includes scheduling at least 4 team meetings per year, and using the 7P template with your team.

        PERSONAL catch up

        PROCESS through the previous week’s plan of action

        Identify any PROBLEMS,

        Form a PLAN of action to address problems,

        PRAISE the positives and wins,

        PUSH in areas that need continued focus,

        PRAY together.

–Create and implement a system of care for children and families within the church.  This may include recognizing a birthday, or connecting with parents when their family has experienced a difficult life event (such as an illness, death in the family, or some other circumstance that requires pastoral care)

–Maintain a strategy for reaching and assimilating new children and families.

-Meet with Lead Pastor regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly as circumstances/season requires) for him to go over the 7P’s with you.


Children’s Ministry Vision

-We see a meeting environment that has been decorated and set up in such a way that kids and adults are impressed with the effort and execution in creating dynamic, engaging environments that capture the imagination

-We see an organized and smooth check in process for both first time attendees, and for regular attendees.  (we currently use planning centre online with a laptop and label printer)

-We see relational, friendly, and caring small group leaders ready and waiting inside the meeting room for kids to arrive.  We see these leaders engaging kids in conversation, and engaging with them in activities or games before the program begins.

-We see the use of current style music, either live, or on video, that engage kids in action songs and teach Biblical values.

-We see the regular use of fun and games to be an important tool in our kids ministry.  Not only does this motivate kids to invite their friends to church, but it also teaches kids valuable lessons about acceptance, teamwork, community, and it also reflects God’s creativity and love for us.   

-We see a dynamic presentation of Bible stories that teach on a practical issue that every child can relate to.  Use of skits, videos, puppets, activities, and games all can be used to present the main point of the morning. 

-We envision small groups as being the most important part of the program, where teens, young adults, and adults take personal interest in each child, and communicate acceptance, love, and care in such a way that their assigned children would seek them out for prayer and encouragement as live journey through their teen years. 

-We see parents being kept in the loop about what kids are learning and doing in our kids program on at least a monthly basis (using a combination of print, electronic, and social media). 

-We see parents asking their kids how it went, with a typical response being along the lines of “It was soooo much fun!  The games were awesome, we did this cool action song called ‘______’.  I learned about what to do when we feel alone (or other clear and concise lesson of the day).  My small group leader remembered about my dance recital and asked how it went, and then she prayed for me about that issue I told you about at school.  I love my small group leader!

-We see our children’s program as a key strategic outreach tool to reach our community.  As more and more kids are invited to our program and attend, we will also reach their parents, and the friends and people related to their family.

-We want to teach kids the Bible in a way that makes sense to kids that may find themselves at church for the first time ever.  We expect to have new, unchurched families attend Starting Point on a regular basis, and want to do everything we can to help them explore faith, Jesus, and the Bible in a way that feels safe to them without pressure, guilt trips, or insider/outsider mentalities.


Who We Are Looking For With This Position

We are looking for someone who…

-Has passion and enthusiasm for reaching kids and families through building a sustainable children’s ministry 

-Has the ability to build new personal relationships, and out of these relationships, recruit children’s ministry leaders and vision casters.

-Has the ability to plan at least two months in advance for the children’s ministry, and communicate these plans with children’s ministry and Starting Point Staff (example: teaching topics/plans, scheduling leaders, planning activities and games so supplies can be purchased/collected)

-Has the ability to solve problems in a calm, cool, collected, and fun way

-Has a desire to participate in church leadership team meetings with Pastor Mike and other point leaders at Starting Point and help craft and attend to the vision and strategy of the church at large

-Shares our values of being accepting, fun, professional, not taking ourselves too seriously, working hard, working smart, pulling pranks on one another, etc. (not an exhaustive list…we assume, expect, and hold each other accountable to be prayerful, dependent on the Holy Spirit, engaged in God’s Word, living in accountability and community etc.)

-Is committed to developing their children’s ministry skills and philosophy of ministry through a variety of sources (courses, books, podcasts, conferences, mentoring, etc.)

-Has experience as a key leader in a Children’s ministry program, or point leader position for Children’s ministry at their current or previous church.


Reports to: Lead Pastor

Compensation: 10 hours per week at $14 per hour


Interested applicants are asked to email and attach a cover letter and resume.


Posted: September 6, 2017  |  Expires: December 5, 2017
Posted Under: Pastoral - Children's Ministries
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