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Partner Development Lead

Partner Development Lead

Company: Ghana Rural Integrated Development (GRID)
Contact Person: Jacques Lapointe
7774 10 Sideroad
Milton, Ontario , L9T 4Y9
Position Description



Has created a new and unique full-time position for an entrepreneurial Partner Development Lead

 GRID is a CCCC Certified Christian charity based in the Toronto area which does all its holistic development work in Northern Ghana in conjunction with Northern Empowerment Association (NEA), its Ghanaian partner organization. Although the organization has been active for over thirty years and has accomplished outstanding results impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people in its integrated poverty alleviation work, it is not widely known in Canada by the public and most foundations. Yet it has continued to receive GAC (formerly CIDA) grants for over thirty years and receives funding from several well recognized foundations. Its work and that of NEA is acclaimed as a model for the developing world and has received several high-profile awards in Ghana.

GRID’s contributions have been accomplished mostly through the work of well qualified volunteers and Board members but without the existence of a formal Partner Development function. After recently completing a strategic review the board has decided to create such a function in order to accelerate and expand the work being done in Ghana, including the building of a hospital. The right candidate will have the opportunity to create a capability within GRID-NEA which is as unique and effective as are GRID and NEA themselves. For more information about our work please check our website:

Purpose of this Position

GRID needs to become better known by the donor public and organizations in Canada who want their charitable giving to have the highest possible impact in the developing world. The incumbent will design, prioritize and implement an action plan, in partnership with GRID stakeholders and demonstrating GRID’s values, that will build upon it’s unique track record to deliver the results necessary to see its work expand.


Reports primarily to the Board Chairman but in conjunction with the Executive Director. The Executive Director, who is a founder of GRID-NEA, resides mostly in Ghana and is responsible for both GRID and NEA operations, while the Chairman is located in Canada and oversees, in conjunction with the Executive Director, some of the Canadian operations, including fundraising. As such you will work collaboratively and strategically with the Board Chair, the Executive Director and other capable leaders within the organization including some who have been carrying out donor relations activities on a limited basis.

Key Responsibilities

1. In consultation with the Board Chairman and designate you will undertake the creation of this position.

2. Create appropriate strategies to help GRID and its work with NEA become better known as a model of integrated, holistic development.

3. Initiate and participate in all aspects of the gift cycle.

4. Manage relationships with approximately 500 existing donors and be expected to identify, qualify, cultivate, solicit and steward these donors and friends of the charity.

5. Initiate contacts with potential leadership and major gift / planned gift donors, foundations etc.

6. Maintain existing, and develop new contacts within the church community

7. Develop appropriate cultivation strategies for donors, including working with volunteers.

8. Develop appropriate social media strategies to engage a new generation of potential donors.

9. Maintain a high level of awareness of the holistic development work undertaken by NEA in Ghana

10. Offer prospect strategy counsel to the Board designates and any other persons involved in prospecting

11. Other duties as required including, but not limited to, event management.


1. Demonstrated entrepreneurial and relationship skills to create a uniquely effective model of engagement between GRID and its partners.

2. Well rounded education and the ability to work comfortably with all levels of potential donors and GRID leadership and volunteers.

3. Will preferably have a history of successful development/partner relation experience, including major and planned gift fundraising in a small to medium sized faith based charity.

4. Is keenly interested in effective poverty alleviation in the developing world.

5. Possesses good computer skills.

6. Must be willing to do some travelling within Canada and occasionally to Ghana.

Personal Attributes

1. Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of, and personal commitment to Christian beliefs, principles and values.

2. Must be a well-organized, highly energetic professional who can think out of the box.

3. Must adhere to highest ethical standards, demonstrate a humble and empathetic disposition, be perseverant, reflect an optimistic and positive attitude, and convey sensitivity to needs of the donors.

4. Must be able to relate to his/her work as a ministry. In order to do so must be highly motivated by the work of GRID and NEA.

5. Ability to understand the needs and interests of leadership and major gift donors in order to develop relationships between them and the organization.

6. Must have excellent interpersonal skills and a demonstrated record of completing assignments and successful major gift generation.

7. Good presentation skills.

8. Capital campaign experience would be an asset.

The Job

1. This position is for full-time employment with benefits and offering a competitive salary.

2. While GRID is currently operated through a virtual office set-up it is foreseen that a small field office may be necessary. Our head office is located at 7774 Tenth Sideroad, Milton, On

3. Administrative assistance will be provided as required

Letters of Inquiry are preferred by e-mail to: and should include a cover letter and resume. Please include in the cover letter why you think you would be a good fit for GRID.

Mailed applications should be sent to: Jacques Lapointe, Chairman, GRID

PO Box 398, Milton, ON L9T 4Y9

Posted: August 26, 2017  |  Expires: November 24, 2017
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